Purses designed
by a woman who
knows what a woman
needs in a bag.
13169 Twin Star Lane - Grass Valley, CA 95949 - (530) 273-3033
The Story of Bagg Lady...

The BaggLady, Mindy Oberne, and her husband Roger have been designing and producing bags for over 15 years.

Inspired by her own frustration and dissatisfaction with traditional shoulder bags, Mindy was determined to come out with a line of purses that made more sense.

After all, a bag is something we use every day, so it's important that it not only look nice, but that it function for our convenience. Hence, Mindy's own unique concept -- the Original Wallet Purse™.

A few words from Mindy...

I'm always saying, "If this were designed by someone who actually used it, they would have made it a whole lot different."

While it's hard to please all of the people all of the time, every bag I design I wear myself for several weeks to see that it functions as I intended. Since we sell directly to the public, we're always talking to our customers to get feedback on what works or doesn't."

We make the bags ourselves to assure consistant top quality. Our workmanship is guaranteed for the life of the bag.